Amigas & Co. was co-founded in August of 2017, by two close friends. They had a goal, a vision, and a product! The goal was to offer affordable, locally produced natural soap. The vision was to create something unique and beautiful for daily use in people's homes. The product is old-fashion cold process soap. After many long conversations, a couple hundred pots of coffee, and even a few beers Amigas & Co. was founded! Two creative minds blended recipes that use in house brewed beer and oils infused with fresh herbs and the hot Colorado Sun to produce one of a kind soap bars. Each batch of soap is crafted in small quantities to insure quality and perfection.

Today Amigas & Co. is owned and operated by the Akers family.  With the same basic vision instilled in the company, they have expanded to create the best products offered from their family to yours.  They strive daily to create products that are beneficial, safe, and bring happiness into every household.  Blending moisturizing oils and butters, bright colors, and intoxicating scents to provide products that are show stoppers at every sink is our mission.  Each batch is mindfully thought out and made in small quantities with quality and perfection instilled into each and every batch.       

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Rocky Ford, Colorado